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New Release Available 2024.2

Jun 5, 2024

Second quarter, second release of 2024... Check out our release highlights with a link for clients to access detailed release notes. Plus Insight Tags are finally here!!!

It's Modular Because You're Busy

May 17, 2024

Plate is full and that's not going to change. Get a CRM module by module on your timeline. Come back for seconds when you are ready.

2024 DCI Annual Bankers Conference Quest Analytics

May 6, 2024

Quest Analytics will be attending the 2024 DCI Conference in Overland Park, KS this year. Karl Keller will be at Booth 300 ready to show you Quest Analytics' modular CRM solution.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Apr 16, 2024

Delaying CRM implementation is hurting bankers with missed connections, lost opportunities, and diminishing returns. Don't let the cost of inaction continue to mount.

New Release Available 2024.1

Mar 1, 2024

First quarter, first release of 2024... Check out our first quarter's release highlights with a link for clients to access detailed release notes.

Don't Leave Money on the Floor

Feb 26, 2024

Whether it still costs 5x more to create a new customer than to retain an existing one, you want to leave as little behind as possible. It’s time to clean up.

Profitable Customers aren't Always Shiny

Feb 8, 2024

The shiny object isn’t always the best deal.

Why Your Bank Needs a Banking CRM

Jan 30, 2024

Meeting customer expectations is getting tougher as they are exposed to more FinTech options for their banking needs. Having free checking and low car loan rates isn’t enough to attract Commercial customers looking for sound financial advice.

New Release Available 2023.11

Dec 18, 2023

New month, new release... new home page.

Check out December's release highlights with a link for clients to access detailed release notes.

Stop Wasting your Strategic Advantage

Dec 11, 2023

Is your digital strategy paired with the personalized service that helps community banks compete with the big banks?

Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 20, 2023

Worksgiving with the Pittsburgh team and a rare sighting of Flat Sridhar

Weak Maturing CD Calls Hurt Deposit Renewals

Nov 13, 2023

Does your Maturing CD call script need to level up? Read more for 6 tips to better outcomes.

Help Desk 101

Oct 25, 2023

Our Help Desk is ready to help you. Of course we’ll take your issue however it comes in, but keep reading for some best practice tips that help us help you faster.

Generate Deposits with Step-up Campaign

Oct 11, 2023

Banks and Credit Unions everywhere are looking for low-cost deposits. Sure, we could raise our deposit interest rates and get as much deposits as needed but at a very high cost. Read more for a tip on deposit gathering you can execute today with minimal effort. 

New Release Available 2023.9

Oct 6, 2023

New month, new release. It's an even bigger one.

Check out October's release highlights with a link for clients to access detailed release notes.

Secure Bank Prospect Data, Stop Risking Future Earnings

Sep 20, 2023

Are you maximizing one of your most valuable resources - prospect data?

Banking CRM Adoption Plan for Operations

Aug 9, 2023

Deposit/loan operations is the working engine of the institution. Whether it is researching a statement problem or identifying a fraudulent transaction, these are important operational activities to ensure customer satisfaction.

Banking CRM Adoption Plan for Servicing

Aug 9, 2023

People are busy. When they have a problem, calling will likely be the channel of choice over going to a branch. Banking customers expect telephone customer service to be friendly and efficient or frustration leads to lost customers.

Banking CRM Adoption Plan for Commercial

Aug 9, 2023

Commercial bankers are responsible for selling and closing the largest deposit and loan deals in the institution. The most successful commercial bankers use the CRM to effectively manage their time to focus on sales and relationship building activities.

Banking CRM Adoption Plan for Retail

Aug 9, 2023

The retail bank has more direct customer interactions than any department. The bankers are responsible for generating referrals each day. The easiest way to jump start CRM adoption in the retail branch is to implement a referral tracking/incentive program.

Banking CRM Adoption Plan for Senior Management

Aug 9, 2023

The key to bank adoption of CRM is senior management engagement in the usage of the CRM to manage customer relationships, pipelines, and sales/service activity.

New Release Available 2023.7

Aug 4, 2023

New month, new release. It's a big one.

Check out August's highlights with a link for clients to access detailed release notes.

New Release Available 2023.5

Jun 7, 2023

New month, new release.

Check out June's highlights with a link for clients to access detailed release notes.

Staying Relevant in the FinTech Era

Jun 6, 2023

In the digital age, everyone wants your clients. The competition is relentless. Maintain customer loyalty by having a strong team implementing a solid plan with the right tools for success.

New Release Available 2023.4

May 8, 2023

New month, new release.

Check out May's highlights with a link for clients to access detailed release notes.

New Release Available 2023.3

Apr 5, 2023

New month, new release.

Check out April's highlights with a link for clients to access detailed release notes.

Start Small and Grow With A Banking CRM

Mar 31, 2023

Get started with CRM at a reasonable price point that has the features you'll actually use. Your institution can start small and grow with Quest Analytics IQCRM.

Right Sized Banking CRM

Mar 15, 2023

Right-sized CRM is about providing banking CRM software that works for your institution no matter if you are a 20M bank with just 15 employees or a 68-branch institution looking for an enterprise-wide solution for the retail bank, commercial bank and the contact center.

New Release Available 2023.2

Mar 2, 2023

New month, new release.

Check out February's new release with a link for clients to access detailed release notes.

Is Your 2022 Loan Production Underwater

Mar 1, 2023

You may have had great loan production last year, but did you keep ahead of the Fed's rate increases?

2022 Product Development Annual Update

Jan 20, 2023

Looking back on 2022 product development.

Thoughts from our Product Designer, Kate Goodwin.

The Power of a Phone Call

Oct 28, 2022

Will a phone call be the start of your next customer success story?

Calling a customer for a simple reason opens the door to opportunity. Wish them a happy birthday, recognize a customer anniversary milestone, or just thank them for being a new customer are easy relationship building examples.

Send a Bank Check for their first Remote Deposit Transaction

Oct 28, 2022

Community banks can provide value and increase loyalty by proactively calling customers who have yet to try remote deposit capture. Through a simple, client-focus conversation you can drive awareness, adoption and usage.

Two Words to Make a Teller Referral

Oct 28, 2022

Tellers interact with more customers than anyone else in your institution. Most community banks and credit unions look to tellers to help generate quality referrals that lead to new product sales. Based on our experience, tellers can often struggle in making a smooth transition from processing the transaction into a short, needs based discussion leading to a referral. Here are two words that make the transition easy and effective.

What CRM Do Banks Use

Aug 31, 2022

Often banks and credit unions ask the question “What CRM do banks use?” The answer to this question depends a lot on the strategic value that a financial institution is looking to achieve by using a CRM and by looking at where the CRM will be implemented.

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