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Right Sized Banking CRM

Karl Keller

March 13, 2023

What is a Right-sized CRM? 

Right-sized CRM is about providing banking CRM software that works for your institution no matter if you are a 20M bank with just 15 employees or a 68-branch institution looking for an enterprise-wide solution for the retail bank, commercial bank and the contact center.

The Right-Size CRM is a modular banking CRM.

Modular CRM means it can be deployed quickly and provide business value in just a few weeks instead of months. Modular banking CRM starts small and lets you grow into new functionality as and when you need it. Maybe you get started with just automating note tracking and referrals as an essential part of your business process. Later, when you are ready, add more automation with automated data mining, sales and service leads or digital marketing capabilities. 

Product shot with a desktop, iPad and iPhone view of software. Text above says Right-Sized CRM, By Bankers, For Bankers. Text below says Sales Management, Marketing, Call Center, Collections, and Profitability.

Right-Sized CRM is integrated with your core banking system.

Banking CRMs that don’t integrate will grow extinct. Integration with your core banking software must be standard. Why pay 3rd party data integrators when it comes standard with the Right-Sized CRM? 

If this sounds interesting, check out our IQCRM, a right-sized banking CRM. 

Request your demo here.

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