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Start Small and Grow With A Banking CRM

Karl Keller

March 31, 2023

Not every CRM is right-sized. Some banking CRM solutions have too many features and are hard to use not to mention they require large upfront costs just to get started. For most institutions, this just does not make good business sense as we need a quick return on investment with every project. 

How can your financial institution get started with CRM at a reasonable price point while at the same time having significant features to help expand customer relationships?

7 pairs of colorful rainboots going from small in size to large overlaid by the text "We grow with you"

The Quest Analytics IQCRM® solution is about starting small with a CRM that allows you to grow into other modules when needed. The Quest Analytics IQCRM is a modular banking CRM that is deployed incrementally. It includes integration with your favorite core banking system but allows your institution to start with the basics. The base module of the system is called IQEssentials™.  IQEssentials provides excellent user functionality and easy to use software at a reasonable price. 

It all starts with the basics like note tracking and referral tracking. Why is this important? In many institutions, branch associates and commercial lenders may be tracking referrals through spreadsheets or just by sending emails. Surprisingly enough, at some institutions, referrals are not being tracked at all! When low cost deposits are in high demand, how can we let any opportunity for a referral slip between the cracks of our desk?

Notes tracking is also an essential feature. Tracking notes helps others within the organization better understand the past customer interactions. No, we don’t have to write a book after every customer visit, but it is extremely helpful to the person working the next interaction to have a history of what was discussed previously. Good note taking helps our organization look smart. Logging problems, fraud activity, personal preferences and other notes helps make the next customer interaction meaningful and personal. Every customer deserves to be treated with a personal touch. Without notes, the valuable info each of your team members has about your client is lost to the rest of the institution.

Banking CRM does not have to be just for the big banks and credit unions. Your institution can start small and grow with Quest Analytics IQCRM.

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