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2022 Product Development Annual Update

Kate Goodwin

January 6, 2023

In 2022, our newly redesigned banking CRM platform was ready for showtime. Was she nervous? A little. Was she ready? You bet. The first clients to start using it were new banks who went straight to the new platform. Many thanks to our early adopters who partnered with us on this big step.

Following soon after, our existing clients started the process of converting from the legacy system to our new platform. These efforts were led mainly by our COO, Jim Maochi. At the end of 2022, over half our clients are either on the new platform or it’s in progress. Our existing clients that have converted aren’t wasting any time missing the legacy system. The integrated modules are a slam dunk. The higher pace of new enhancements and features has continued adding even more value to the system.

Check out the AirDeck below for some additional info on the redesign, my favorite features, and a survey to up vote some enhancements under consideration. By the end of 2023, I hope that our list of legacy clients is down to 0.

To support our new and existing clients on the new platform, we are now providing most of our training asynchronously through an LMS portal. The courses are collections of short videos that can be watched from anywhere at any time as often as needed. Interactive virtual training is still available and serves as a nice supplement to the solid foundation of the LMS courses. More courses are in the works on 2023! Access to the LMS is available during your legacy upgrade, deployment of new modules, or by annual subscription.

In 2022, we adhered to a monthly release cycle which allows you to take advantage of new features on your schedule. Enhancements and features are planned several releases in advance and then made available mid-month to clients. Taking at least one upgrade a year is still the expectation but we won’t stop you from doing more than that. We plan to continue this approach in 2023.

Release notes will be provided via a page on our website for our clients. This way you’ll always have access to the most up to date information. If a password is required, please contact your favorite Quest Analytics team member (or email

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