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Banking CRM Adoption Plan for Operations

Karl Keller

August 14, 2023

Deposit/loan operations is the working engine of the institution. Whether it is researching a statement problem or identifying a fraudulent transaction, these are important operational activities to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Operations must log activities that have potential direct customer impact. The CRM is the one centralized place in the organization where everyone can view interactions and information about the customer. When internal activities or issues occur that have customer impact, Operations has an obligation to log information into the CRM.

What items should Operations be logging in the CRM?

1) Fraudulent activities or transactions

2) Bankruptcies or collection issues

3) Problems with processing transactions such as wire transfers, ACH, Positive Pay or Payroll issues

4) Overdraft and other fee reversal decisions – This is important as some customers try to game the system with calls to each branch to attempt a fee reversal.

5) When operations departments have direct call or contact with the customer via phone or via email, the interactions must be logged so frontline associates can best serve the customer

Make the operational steps and checklists part of the workflow. In most organizations, the operations departments are tasked with tracking the many detailed steps in the new account process. This is especially complex when working on the approval process for new commercial loans or complex cash management opportunities.  Automating new account checklists using CRM pipeline workflow will have the operations departments using the CRM quickly and efficiently to track of each individual commercial deal to closure. 


Introducing a new tool into your banking environment requires proper training, on-going support, and management oversight. Banking CRM software is no exception. With a CRM, financial institutions can accelerate growth and reduce expenses by delivering on their customer service pledge.

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