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New Release Available 2023.7

Kate Goodwin

August 8, 2023

Check out these release highlights with our new version available this month.

1 - Report scheduling

A user with saved views can now setup email reminders on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Click on the hyperlink to go to your report with the most up to date data.

Don't forget to check your reports again! Any user with access to Reports has access to this feature.

2 - Updated form look and feel

The look of fields when creating new CRM items has been updated to increase visual contrast and provide the same look between pop up and embedded forms throughout the system. You'll see this change for all "Create New" items like referrals, appointments, or notes. The field size is a bit larger to support vision fatigue for all users as well as increase accessibility for users with low vision.

3 - More data, more betta... sometimes

Gone are the days where the system will stop you from getting 200,000 rows returned. We've added a governor in browser that will return the top 5,000 rows but the total data is still the massive set you wanted. Export to excel to view the full results.

In contrast, the Manage Work > Assigned Clients page returned too much data! We've added filters so you can go directly to the names you want to review.

4 - Automatic connections, say what now?

You've asked... a few times... and we've answered. Connections can now be set automatically based on shared account ownership. We are looking for a client to be a beta client to test this. Let us know if you want to go first.


If you are a client, access our Product Updates page for detailed release notes on these and other items. If you don't have the password, please contact your Quest Analytics representative or

Upgrade today to take advantage of the new features in this release.

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