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Technical Requirements



  • The platform requires an application server and a database server.

    • Both can be run from the same machine or split between machines.

    • These can be new physical servers or virtual machine allocation.

  • If your financial institution already has an existing SQL Server platform:

    • We can install our two databases on an existing DB server.

    • The financial institution will provide a dedicated application server to support our web application and web services.

  • Hardware Requirements

    • If you are running the application server and DB server on the same machine:

      • 16-32 GB RAM

      • 200 GB – 300 GB disk (depending on data volume)

    • If you are separating the application and database servers across two machines:

      • Application server will require 16 GB RAM and 100 GB disk

      • DB Server will require 100-150 GB

Server Software

  • OS: Windows 2019 or greater

  • .NET Framework 6.0 or greater

  • IIS 7.5 or greater

  • IIS URL Rewrite Extension 2 from Microsoft

  • SQL Server 2016 or greater (standard or enterprise edition). 2019 or higher is recommended.

    • Can use an existing SQL install if necessary.

    • Requires Full-Text Search installed for both SQL and HTTPS Certificate

  • SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio)


  • Local admin on Quest Analytics’ app server (provide credentials to Quest Analytics)

  • DB Login with SQL Authentication

    • Sysadmin rights to DB server

    • Or DB login with the following:

      • DBO rights to database the two IQCRM databases

      • Bulk admin rights on database server

      • SQL Agent Access (ability to create and run scheduled jobs)

      • SQL Profiler Access (ability to monitor jobs)

Email Account

User Workstations

  • Windows 10

  • 8GB RAM

  • Edge or Chrome browser

  • Minimum monitor resolution - 1280 x 800

  • Microsoft Outlook (v2013 or above)

Access to Environment

  • Quest will require credentials for accessing core system and/or teller/platform environments for deployment and then ongoing support.

  • Standard access method will be provided by Quest Analytics.

  • Alternate access is VPN provided by client. 

Teller Referral Assistant

Only applicable for the Teller Referral Assistant module:

  • Workstation for TRA/Service Request installation and testing setup with the same environment as user workstations

  • LogMeIn install to this machine

  • Connectivity/Login to Teller system

  • List of test accounts for transaction testing

  • Teller System installed on workstation with capability to test branch capture vs. teller capture

Server Software
Email Account
User Workstations
Access to Environment
Teller Referral Assistant
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