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New Release Available 2023.4

Kate Goodwin

May 8, 2023

Check out these release highlights with our new version available this month.

1 - Reporting options

In addition to Excel data and PDF, we've added an export option to send data to Excel with the grouping/subgrouping formatting included. Use this for your larger reports that exceed PDFs intended use.

2 - Lead the way

  • Having trouble getting in touch with a client so you can close out your lead? Now you can initiate a pre-written email from within the lead. Your CRM admin can set up the templates. We will provide a lightweight outlook addin to support sending this personal email.

  • Trending the statistics on our leads page for managers is now live. Know what direction you are headed when you know where you've been.

  • Lead history is available on all leads now. See reassignments, note edits, and other lead history.

3 - Calling campaigns

Last month, we added a new way to handle assignments for larger calling campaigns. This month, we've given you a single power template with a lot more filters to create your campaign. Next month the list of filters will expand even further.

We've also improved the new bulk assignment process to support more complicated bulk assignment scenarios.


If you are a client, access our Product Updates page for detailed release notes on these and other items. If you don't have the password, please contact your Quest Analytics representative or

Upgrade today to take advantage of the new features in this release.

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