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Why Your Bank Needs a Banking CRM

Jim Maochi

January 30, 2024

Meeting customer expectations is getting tougher as they are exposed to more FinTech options for their banking needs. Having free checking and low car loan rates isn’t enough to attract Commercial customers looking for sound financial advice.

Customers want you to have in-depth knowledge of their industry with goal-based planning, proactive insights, and a personalized approach. FinTech's are setting high standards for creating seamless, effortless, and personalized approaches for their customers. Banks and credit unions are racing to keep up. Not only do you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, but you need one that is designed for the financial services industry.

2 drag cars racing on a track with smoke coming out behind the vehicles

Stay in the race with IQCRM by Quest Analytics. Don't fight with a generic solution. This is a CRM built by bankers, for bankers. It can help any bank or credit union reach out to new customers, sell more solutions, and will yield better customer service. Your executive team will also have the data they need on clients and employees to make better strategic decisions and hold sales teams accountable.

Whether you have a CRM that isn’t a good fit or are shopping for one for the first time, it needs to work for your industry – and with minimal effort.

This starts with integrating your core data. Why start a CRM from a blank slate when you have a wealth of data already available to you on the core? Integrating core data is included in our base platform. We are core agnostic as we have multiple ways to load data based on your specific needs.

Your front-line staff has a lot of responsibilities. We’ve designed our CRM around the banker’s experience to prioritize both sales and service. With flexible security and a modular approach, you can give each department the CRM tools they need without overwhelming them with what they don’t. Every department will see the same customer data and customer contact history but with their own leads and workflows built around their needs.

A banker’s CRM solution can help keep track of customer behaviors and predict needs, and then automatically send out suggestions for how the bank can fulfill those needs with a tailored product offering.

Don’t underestimate the power of a CRM to reduce costs. With everyone using the same processes and one source of truth, you’ll spend less time on each sale or servicing opportunity. Tear down the silos of information that exist between departments. Your management team will have up to date info so they can pivot as needed. Learn from the losses and celebrate the wins as they play out to keep morale high.

A CRM can help you increase sales by converting more leads as you tailor the customer experience. Your team's productivity will increase with streamlined communication between departments and consistent messaging to your customer base. Improve service by creating a consistent customer experience which increases customer loyalty.

Request your Demo

The best way to experience the Quest Analytics solution is to see it in action with a live demonstration. Our community banking CRM is right-sized for your needs.

During the demo, we can focus on the areas that are most important to your institution as well as discuss how we have helped other banks and credit unions just like yours to grow, retain, and enhance customer relationships.​

Head to our Let's Connect page and request your demo.

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