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Help Desk 101

Kate Goodwin

October 25, 2023

Our Help Desk is ready to help you. Of course we’ll take your issue however it comes in, but keep reading for some best practice tips that help us help you faster.

Text in bold blue font reads "Help Desk 101" on a white background, over an orange shape. To the right of this, is an orange life saver ring hanging on a beige concrete wall.

Better than Before

We’ve recently improved our tools to have more consistent follow up with you on Help Desk inquiries. Starting now, any Help Desk inquiries receive an automatic, immediate email with the ticket number included. You can reply to this email as needed to update the ticket. We will email you with follow-up info as needed and a notification that ticket is resolved. All emails will come from the Help Desk email, maintain the email chain, and are sent to the original email submitter plus anyone who was copied on the email.

To celebrate our newly improved process, we are sharing these best practices tips below.

Start with the Help Desk for Every Issue

We all want to talk to an actual person when we have an issue. We understand how appealing it is to contact a specific person at Quest Analytics especially when they are your go-to super star. That being said, your super star may be unavailable, on vacation, or not the best person to assist you.

This is  exactly what the Help Desk is for! It’s the fastest way to get connected to the right person. By using the Help Desk, your issue gets into the team’s queue immediately and is tracked to completion. Every time you use our Help Desk email, and only the Help Desk email, you help us support you as efficiently as possible.

Occasionally, you might want to discuss your item with someone before submitting your Help Desk ticket. If so, we’d still prefer you use the Help Desk so we can assign it to the most knowledgeable person. If you choose to contact a Quest Analytics employee directly, please do so with only them. Copying the Help Desk or contacting multiple people at Quest involves multiple team members when only one was needed.

One by One

Submitting multiple unrelated items within the same inquiry causes a delay in servicing your issue. Please limit each inquiry to only one topic.

Example of something to submit at one time:

  • The same issue is happening to 3 users.

  • This is 1 issue affecting 3 people.

Example of things to submit separately:

  • When user X goes to Reports and tries to run the Name View the filters are visible but not operable. User Y can’t add widgets to their home page.

  • These are 2 unrelated issues.

More is More

Want to see your Help Desk tickets get resolved in record time? Give us as much info as possible from the beginning so we can get right to work on it.

If you can submit a screen recording (that doesn't show confidential info) that reproduces the issue or shows your idea, that is 💰 gold 💰. The next best option is to include screenshots (with call outs and shapes or clear explanations of what they are referring to). The last option is a text write up.

Whichever method you use, the following information is invaluable on getting your item resolved quickly.

Our Help Desk is the right place for any type of inquiry. General service requests, possible bugs, and enhancement requests are the most common items we receive. Here is a detailed list of often relevant info to include for these inquiries.


Service Requests

  • Briefly describe the request in 2-5 sentences.

  • Being very clear about the difference between the current state and the desired state will go a long way to eliminating confusion.

  • When do you need this done by?

  • If you are aware this is a self-service item, explain why you are requesting our assistance.

Possible Bugs

  • Briefly describe the problem in 1-2 sentences. “It doesn’t work” doesn’t count! Be very specific.

  • Provide click-by-click steps to reproduce

    • Screen recording yourself reproducing this issue is a lot easier than writing it up and is ALWAYS more accurate.

  • Include:

    • What was the actual result?

    • What is the expected result?

    • What browser was used?

    • When did this start?

    • Is it affecting one user or many users (if specific to some users, provide their usernames)?

    • Is it happening in all situations or only some (if specific to a customer, provide us their non-confidential unique identifier)?

  • If you know what CRM version you have, that’s great. (If not, we can get it ourselves.)

  • What is the priority level? (low, medium, or high)


Enhancement Request

  • What is the problem you are trying to solve?

  • What are the use cases? What are the most common things you want to do and the less common?

  • What existing functionality have you tried and what is missing from it?

  • Are you open to sponsoring this enhancement?

Deployment Clients

For clients still in deployment, you should still work directly with your project manager. They will provide you clear instructions on when to start contacting the Help Desk instead of them directly. General rule of thumb is that if a module is live and the deployment for that module has been closed, the Help Desk is the way to go.

Next Steps

Once you try out our new Help Desk experience, please let us know if you have any feedback!

All clients have been provided our Help Desk email address. The process is new but the email address is the same.

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