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Banking CRM Adoption Plan for Servicing

Karl Keller

August 12, 2023

People are busy. When they have a problem, calling will likely be the channel of choice over going to a branch. Banking customers expect telephone customer service to be friendly and efficient or frustration leads to lost customers.

Contact Ticket Tracking ensures each customer interaction is successful.

If your institution has a contact or maybe each branch location handles their own inbound calls, each call must have an associated service ticket to track the request to completion. The CRM is where calling activities are logged ensuring each service request is completed to a high level of customer satisfaction. Additional, logging inbound calls allow management to evaluate the reasons for the calls and identify staffing needs to support the customer base.

CRM Adoption in the branch or call center should focus on the following tasks.

1) Log each inbound call. Assign a category and reason code to the call so we know why the customer called.

2) Mangers should review reports on calling activity by branch/contact center and category/reason codes. This identifies the reason and purpose of each call.

3) If using a contact/call center, additionally log calls that come in from the branch locations. Many times, the contact center is the knowledge center so branch locations reach out to the call center to assist with certain transactions or issues. Log these interactions so we know how many calls are being forward to contact center from branch locations. This may identify branch locations needing additional training.

4) Create a referral/lead for each inbound call asking for rate information. Whether it is a prospect calling for CD rates or to learn about rates for a new loan. These are the most important calls to log for referrals. Create a referral and follow-up with the customer/prospect the following day to assist them with making a decision.

5) Set service guidelines for tracking the closure of tickets. Begin by setting a baseline after monitoring service ticket activity for up to two months. Then set guidelines and track using reports.  


Introducing a new tool into your banking environment requires proper training, on-going support, and management oversight. Banking CRM software is no exception. With a CRM, financial institutions can accelerate growth and reduce expenses by delivering on their customer service pledge.

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