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New Release Available 2023.1

Kate Goodwin

February 2, 2023

Banner graphic with text New Release and February 2022. There is a heart graphic made of two hands shaking. Colors are versions of muted rosy pinks.

I'm back again with a new release update. In keeping with our goal of providing a CRM for community banks and credit unions designed around your unique needs, I'm highlighting 3 enhancements in this month's release that have been popular requests.

1 - Transfer pipeline to another client

First up is the ability to transfer pipeline workflows from one client to another. The loan closing process is not always linear and these things happen.

2 - Transfer pipeline to another employee

In that same vein, you can also transfer pipeline workflows from one pipeline owner to another. Maybe an employee has left or it's a planned hand off. When you need this, you really need this... and now you've got this.

3 - IQService enhancements

On the IQService side, we're continuing to go all in on service tickets in the browser.

  • Fields that were currently unavailable for editing after the ticket was created can now be edited.

  • Need some extra fields? You can have them now. Just reach out to our help desk to schedule your upgrade and configure your custom fields.

  • You are going to love the new stats for managers that also show trended service ticket data over days, weeks, or months. Know where you need to go next by seeing where you've been.


If you are a client, access our Product Updates page for detailed release notes on these and other items. If you don't have the password, please contact your Quest Analytics representative or

Upgrade today to take advantage of the new features in this release.

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