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Introducing IQMarketing Insight Tags for Banking

Karl Keller

June 20, 2024

Quest Analytics LLC, the leading provider of modular CRM solutions for community banks and credit unions, is pleased to announce a new marketing feature to support transactional analytics called IQMarketing Insight Tags™.


Each day, financial institutions process thousands of individual customer transactions. For years, it has been extremely difficult and time consuming to create insights from raw banking transactions that could then be generalized for cross-sell, upsell and servicing opportunities. With IQMarketing Insight Tags, Quest Analytics provides a simplified and automated process to put transactional awareness at the fingertips of the marketing department.


“Quest Analytics is excited to announce our new IQMarketing Insight Tags feature,” said Karl Keller, President of Quest Analytics. “With IQMarketing Insight Tags, bankers can personalize the delivery of marketing messages based on personas to connect with customers. This creates a unique, customer centric banking experience.” 

IQMarketing Insight Tags are created by analyzing banking transactions trends. These trends identify spending behavior patterns for your customers which results in Insight Tags. The tags are then available in IQCRM for frontline associates to view and use to enhance relationship building as well as available for marketing associates to develop a personalized approach to campaigns.

Here are a few examples of how IQMarketing Insight Tags are used in practice. Imagine a customer that loves to play golf. They spend money on golf balls, golf clothing, new clubs from different stores and they play many rounds of golf throughout the year at different golf courses. IQMarketing Insight Tags will identify the transaction pattern and assign a “Golfer” tag to this customer. Customer facing banking associates will see the Insight Tag in the Quest Analytics IQCRM and use them to open personal conversations during branch visits. Bank and credit union marketers use Insight Tags to support personalized digital content.

  • Send personalized email using IQMarketing with golf or sports related images.

  • Invite the customer to charity and institution sponsored golf outings to cross-sell additional financial products or build stronger one-on-one relationship with their banking officer.

  • Offer golf-related rewards for opening new accounts or adding significant balances to existing deposit accounts.

  • Use Insight Tags to open-up warm conversations about a topic your customer enjoys before driving the ball into financial related needs discussions.

Older white couple at the beach, wearing jackets. The man is kissing the woman on the cheek. She is looking away but seems reasonably pleased.

A second example involves growing wealth management and trust services. The financial institution would like to know which of their existing customers are already transferring large deposits to a competing wealth management company. Using IQMarketing Insight Tags your institution can identify existing customers that:

  • Are investing in Cryptocurrency

  • Using competing large brokerage firms

  • Actively using Robo advisors for their investments

IQMarketing Insight Tags help financial institutions identify new opportunities, assist with taking away business from competing institutions and provide fuel to support one-to-one digital marketing personalization. Like all Quest Analytics offerings, the solution is reasonably priced for community banks and credit unions while at the same time providing rich insight and functionality to help grow your business.

Want to know more? Schedule a 30 minute call with Kraig Nellis.

The IQCRM software solution is the “Right-Sized” CRM solution for all financial institutions. The solution is modular by design so financial institutions have flexibility to choose precisely which modules and features match to your needs and budget.


A right-sized banking CRM eliminates technology overspend and empowers teams to achieve your business goals. IQCRM is built for financial services and works with core banking systems from Fiserv, Jack Henry, FIS, Finastra, CSI, BMA, ASI, DCI, and others.


About Quest Analytics

Quest Analytics is a financial services technology and training company specializing in helping banks and credit unions grow quickly and profitably. Founded in 2001, Quest Analytics is a privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Karl Keller

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