IQLeads is an easy to use, sales and service CRM growth engine for banks and credit unions

Traditional CRM

Traditional CRMs have you entering lots of data into a platform hoping everyone will use the information to generate new sales opportunities. 


In reality -  your branch staff just does not have  the time.

Automated CRM

IQLeads® is all about data mining your core banking data to service up hot and relevant sales, service and retention leads to your associates.

It is automated, consistent and effective when combined with our integrated sales and service relationship building training.


Find Hidden Opportunities



The data mining engine automatically searches your core banking data and other 3rd party data sources to find relevant cross-sales, retention and servicing leads.


Create A Consistent Relationship Building Process


IQLeads helps your assoicates follow a simple  3-step process to work every lead.

(Research, Interview and Wrap-up)

Automated Customer Onboarding


Statistics show that the first 180 days of a new banking relationship are the important time.  The IQLeads automated on-boarding ensures every onboard step is executed with precision.


Lead Prioritization & Management Engine

 The key to automated sales and service lead generation is lead prioritization.  The IQLeads prioritization engine makes sure the right number and type of leads are delivered at the right time.   


Enterprise Referral Management

Referrals are the lifeblood of any financial institution.  IQLeads tracks referrals from start to finish.  Tellers, CSRs, branch managers and loan officers now know the status of every referral.


Profiling & Demographics

Use IQLeads to profile your customers and members.  As you learn new information, IQLeads maintains the profile, personal interests, life events and demographic information.  Now everyone can know every customer with ease.


Too good to be true? See for yourself.  

Schedule a 30 min demo so you can see how this will save your institution time and effort while improving the quality of your deliverables.