Teller Referral Assistant

Generate Quality Teller Referrals with Teller Referral Assistant


Tellers have the opportunity to interact with more customers than any other employee within your bank or credit union.

Teller Referral Assistant® solution helps tellers increase referral activity by generating quality teller referrals based on banking behavior and transaction interactions.


Teller Referral Assistant is a memory resident teller toolbar that interfaces directly with core banking teller applications such as those provided by Fiserv, Fidelity Information Services, Finastra, Jack Henry and others.


One Click Teller Referrals

Using the Quest Analytics data mining engine, unique teller referral product and service recommendations are provided with each teller transaction.  


Quest 30 Min Demo

You are busy and we know it.  That is why we can show you how it works in a quick 30-minute demonstration.  After the Teller Referral Assistant demo, if you want to see more,  it would be our pleasure to go into greater detail.