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Daniel Havey joins as Sr. Sales Executive

Karl Keller

May 4, 2020

Pittsburgh, PA – May 4, 2020   Quest Analytics LLC, a leading provider of automated CRM, contact center, and sales lead generation solutions for community banks and credit unions announced today that Daniel Havey has joined the company as Sr. Sales Executive. 

“Quest Analytics is pleased to announce that Dan Havey has joined our company as our newest sales executive” said Karl Keller, President and founder of Quest Analytics. “We are very excited to have Dan as a new member of our team.  Dan comes to Quest Analytics with an extensive background in sales, banking, analytics, and CRM with more than 30 years of industry expertise.”

Previously, Dan was a senior vice president of finance at Central Carolina Bank (CCB) Durham, North Carolina.  CCB was later acquired by Sun Trust.  During his tenure, Dan was responsible for financial reporting as well as the bank’s data warehouse and CRM initiatives.  Additionally, Dan has worked for companies like IBM, Global Software, and Solver as solution director for the financial services sector.  

About Quest Analytics

Quest Analytics is a financial services technology and sales training company specializing in helping community banks and credit unions grow quickly and profitably. Founded in 2001, Quest Analytics is a privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.  Quest provides a modular suite of CRM modules specifically designed for community banking.   

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