IQService Contact Center Automation.
Take More Calls with Less Effort for superior customer experience


Contact Center Automation

When customers and members need real help, they call to talk to a live person. IQService is the solution community banks and credit unions use to automate, track, and document customer interactions from the contact center and the branch. IQService is a memory resident toolbar that provides access to each feature within one or two mouse clicks

Easy to Use

Our customers tell us this software is super easy to use. While non-intrusive to the calling process, it helps contact center and branch associates quickly get answers to complex customer questions.


Just ONE click for

All Referrals

Want to see a consolidated view of customer balances, services and the overall relationship, NO Clicks.

It is right on the toolbar.


Just ONE click for

All customer notes


Just ONE click for

Past Calling History


Improve productivity without adding staff

What if you could take more calls with less effort?  What if you could increase your call volume by 30% and still use the same staffing?  This is why community banks and credit unions rely on IQService to optimize the contact center and improve productivity.


Designed for relationship building

IQService helps build relationships by providing automate sales and service leads so that your contact center agent transition from an inbound call into an opportunity discussion.  Every customer interaction is an opportunity to expand the relationship.


Automated & Integrated

IQService raises the bar by providing core banking system integration. Maybe you are using Fiserv, Jack Henry, FIS, Finastra, or other core banking systems. 

IQService integrates with the core banking application and automates the call research process while at the same time documenting every inbound call.

IQService also works with MS Outlook. Anyone can update service tickets directly from within an email.


Quest 30 Min Demo

You are busy and we know it.  That is why we can show you how IQService works in a quick 30-minute demonstration.  After the demo, if you want to see more,  it would be our pleasure to go into greater detail but you first need to get a feel for how the solution might improve your contact center productivity. 


Document the

Customer Journey

IQService documents the customer journey by keeping track of each interaction. Now your branch associates can see and understand what has taken place in the contact center.


Drill Down Analytics

Why are customers calling? How many calls did we take this month? Who are our top performers in the contact center? With IQService, now your institution will have the imperial data to support the business unit.  Stop the madness of updating spreadsheets and let your people perform the task they do best--helping your customers.