IQCollections - Collection Automation for Banks & Credit Unions 

IQCollections™ is a modern software platform to help your collections department be efficient and responsive to daily collection opportunities. Designed for one or many collection officers, IQCollections is easy to use and takes a logical approach to collection case management. 


Easy organizing, researching,

and assigning cases 

Start your day with easily organizing, researching, and assigning cases to individual collection agents. IQCollections is integrated with your core banking data and automated so each collection case is triggered and identified on a timely basis. 


Efficiently contacting and

collecting outstanding balances 

With banking account information, case notes, and promise to pay tracking at your fingertips, IQCollections allows your collection department to work efficiently by focusing on the most important task of contacting and collecting outstanding balances. 


 IQCollections works with the

Quest Analytics IQSuite of CRM tools 

 Collections activities are not just a back-room operation anymore. IQCollections works with the Quest Analytics IQSuite of CRM tools so that collection information can be shared with customer facing tellers, CSRs, branch managers and others within the organization. IQCollections works with your core banking system and can be deployed as a separate application or as an integrated part of the Quest Analytics enterprise-wide IQ CRM Banking suite. 

Software Features


Integrated with popular core banking systems such as Fiserv, FIS, Finastra, Jack Henry and others 


Advanced Case and Contact Management 


Customizable forms and documentation 


Easy Case Export 


Drill-down reports and agent analytics 


Too good to be true? See for yourself.  

Now is a great time to see this reporting automation tool in action.  Schedule a 30 min demo so you can see how this will save your institution time and effort while improving the quality of your reporting deliverables.