Data Mining
Get the most from your Financial Institution


Building and expanding customer relationships is all about helping your customer get the most from your financial institution. Quest Analytics helps your community banks or credit unions find hidden opportunities which your associates can use to open relationship building conversations.

Envision Cross-sell Models

Quest Envision Cross-sell models are a set of propensity models that predict the likelihood of a customer to need a product or service.  All customer households are scored based upon the likelihood to need and use a product/service.

Model Scores can be used to:

Identify marketing opportunities

Reduce mailing costs by using laser targeting techniques

Drive IQLeads sales and retention leads

Serve up the next best product for each individual customer/member


Critical Care Attrition Models

Attrition models predict the likelihood of a customer/member to leave your financial institution.  Customer/members are scored using behavioral data and identify customers that are changing their behavior and need immediate attention


Quest 30 Min Demo

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