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Use IQLeads community banking CRM system to deliver service after the sale
Banks and Credit Unions - Stop Customer Frustration after the Sale

By Karl Keller

Great. You just opened a new checking account for a customer. You did all the right things. You asked questions to build customer rapport and listened to the customer’s needs before making a product recommendation.

Now that the “sale” is over, what possibly could go wrong? Well, many things can and do go wrong after the sale. Getting things right the first time is the desired response but this does not always happen.


For example, A few weeks ago, I signed up to receive the Sunday newspaper delivered to my home. How hard can it be to get a paper delivered I asked myself? When I was in the 4th grade, I had my own paper route for more than 11 years. So I know from personal experience it is not that hard to deliver a newspaper. However, for whatever reason, it took 5 weeks of calling and talking with the delivery manager each Sunday to finally get a first newspaper.

A similar situation can happen in banking. One mistake in typing the address and an ATM card goes off on an undeliverable journey. Or after three tries of a password, a new customer gets frustrated with logging into her on-line bank account and decides not to fund the account after all.


This is exactly why a structured onboarding process is very important to every bank and credit union. Don’t assume that your new customer will figure everything out on their own without a little help. Each day you and I work in the financial services industry. Often we assume our customer knows as much as we do about how to login to on-line banking or deposit a check with a mobile phone.


Onboarding is all about helping. Let’s help our customer get connected to our bank. Let’s help our customer get their direct deposit setup. Let’s help our customer by providing hands on assistance without them having to call us. Instead we will call them!


Onboarding a customer is one of the most important jobs of opening a new account. Call each and every new customer on a regular interval to “check-in” and make sure things are going well. Lastly, don’t forget to update your bank or credit union CRM system. In fact, the best community bank CRM system will include event management capabilities that will automatically trigger reminders to keep your onboarding process on track.