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Customer Relationships 101

By Karl Keller

If you work in branch banking, you probably have a favorite customer. Maybe it is the old gentleman that tells you the joke of the day or perhaps it is the woman at the drive-thru window who always brings her funny looking dog.

What makes them your favorite customer? It may be that they make you smile or connect with you personally in some way. What if you had this type of relationship with every customer in your institution? Think about how much more fun your job would be and how many more new accounts each customer would open up with you.

The first step in building a long and meaningful relationship with every customer is remembering the customer’s name. Now I know it sounds silly and simple but remembering faces and names will help you build a long and lasting relationship with each customer.

So here is a little exercise for you. Each day, pick three different customers that come into the office and learn their first names. The next time they are in the branch or drive-thru, address them by their first name.


Good morning Karl!
Thank you for your business Karl!
Karl, would you like this check deposited into your checking account or in cash?

After they leave, say the name to yourself three times and try to associate some personal attribute to the name. Like Mary – she always wears a hat. Or Bob, he is the guy with the big mustache. By learning the names and faces of your customers, you become a better relationship banker. This builds a solid foundation that will yield a lifetime of new opportunities.