More than 20% of banking customer data is incorrect, outdated or missing. Problems begin with data entry errors as new accounts are added onto the core banking system. The issues directly impact your customer when account features are setup incorrectly or ATM cards/bank statements are sent to non-deliverable addresses. The expense to the bank impacts front office and back office associates as errors are researched and corrected.

IQDataQuality solves customer data quality issues by preventing bad and inconsistent data from entering your core banking system. IQDataQuality ensures information entered into your core banking system is standard and consistent by adding business rules specific for your institution. Additionally, IQDataQuality helps speed data entry by providing new account prefills and address clipboards to reduce typing mistakes.

  • Address Verification and Correction - Addresses are verified and corrected against US postal standards at time of entry eliminating non-deliverable mail.
  • Address Clipboard - The one-click address clipboard pastes addresses between screens speeding data entry while improving accuracy.
  • Required Fields - Some new account data entry fields may not be “required fields” by your core banking system. Now you can decide which fields become required fields.
  • Custom Edits – Create custom edits on any data entry field. Set up one set of edits for personal accounts and another set of edits for commercial accounts.
  • Built for Community Banks & Credit Unions – The system is priced right for smaller institutions and works with Fiserv, FIS, OSI, Jack Henry, and other core banking systems.

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